-VFX Outsourcing
Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank

On Saturday, June 29th 2002 Local 695 voted to support filing a 301(a) petition.


They were the First of the Hollywood IATSE Locals to join FTAC in the fight against Runaway Production.

That day Local 695 also made a generous contribution of $5,000.00.

Twice in the summer of 2006 FTAC has made presentations to Local 695’s executive board. At the second meeting, Local 695 warmly welcomed Jefferson Law School Professor and Trade attorney Claire Wright who answered questions as to the validity of the approach of the 301 (a) and spoke about her Law article: HOLLYWOOD’S DISAPPEARING ACT: INTERNATIONAL TRADE REMEDIES TO BRING HOLLYWOOD HOME.

Professor Claire Wright will be addressing Local 695 General Membership at their December meeting.

FTAC hopes that Local 695 will be donating again to the 301(a) petition at that meeting.



The MPAA often argues against the use of a 301 petition... and yet they themselves have used it to protect their own profits.  Watch this video of FTAC’s attorney commenting on the MPAA’s use of the 301 petition.

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