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Regional Victories:
- Glendale
- West Hollywood
- Burbank


613 E. Broadway Glendale, CA 91206-4391

818.548.4844  Fax - 818.547.6740

The Glendale City Council

Email to all the City Council Members

Mayor Rafi Manoukian
Councilmember Ara Najarian
Councilmember Frank Quintero
Councilmember Dave Weaver
Councilmember Bob Yousefian


A Sample letter for Glendale

Hello,   I am a resident of ________ (any city, state and union affiliation)

I am writing to you today to ask you to support the Film and Television Action Committee's 301a petition resolution. The section 301of the Trade Act of 1974 is the same process that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is currently using to fight the piracy issue that plagues the film industry.

Nineteen foreign countries have subsidy programs designed to entice American production work to their countries. These countries are all members of the WTO and have all signed trade agreements with the U.S. These subsidy programs are all in violation of those trade agreements.

Please join the other city councils across America in support of the film workers, and all of the ancillary businesses that support filmmaking and depend on production work taking place here in the United States.

The six major studios have enjoyed record profits again this year. However, these same studios choose not to reinvest in our economy and Glendale's tax base when they outsource our production work to these foreign countries.

All of us in the film business have spent a great part of our lives learning our craft, which we depend on to earn a decent living here in our country.

Please help us in keeping the art of filmmaking alive here in the United States and the City of Glendale.

Thank you  

Sincerely ________________ (name/ occupation/union affiliation)

Outsourcing VFX

The outsourcing of the visual effects industry in America...vfxsm1
Complete Coverage Here


Map of Glendale


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